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If I currently hold a license, can I qualify for a permit to serve alcoholic beverages at an event located off my licensed premises?

  • You may apply for a Catering Permit. This permit authorizes an on-premises licensee to furnish alcoholic beverages allowed by their license at events located off the licensed premises. The fee for the permits is $48 per bar/day. Please refer to the Special Event

Permit Application and Instructions Online Permit Applications

If I do not have a license, can I get a permit to serve alcoholic beverages at a function or event?

You have two options for getting a permit:

  • Option 1: You can apply for a Temporary Beer & Wine Permit (aka: TPA); however, you cannot serve liquor under the restrictions of this permit. The fee for a TPA is $36 per bar/day. Online Permit Applications
  • Option 2: You can hire a licensed caterer to provide the food and alcohol at the event.

When I receive a Temporary Beer & Wine Permit, where am I allowed to purchase the beer and wine?

  • Beer and wine must be purchased from a licensed brewer, winery, or wholesaler.
    Purchasing the beer from a grocery store and the wine from a liquor store is prohibited.

Is a permit required to transport alcoholic beverages through New York State?

  • For pick-ups and deliveries of alcoholic beverages within NYS, an individual trucking permit is required for each truck in use, or if 100 or more trucks are involved, a Fleet blanket permit is available.

Can I have a Wine Auction?

Yes, there are two ways that alcoholic beverages can be auctioned.

  • If you are a bona-fide charitable, religious, educational, or civic group, you can auction donated alcohol for fundraising purposes. You must apply for a Charitable Permit to auction no more than 80 cases of wine, in sealed containers.
  • A package store licensee (who has held the license for at least ten years) can obtain a permit to sell wine and liquor at auction. The alcoholic beverages must have come from a non-licensee’s private collection and must be clearly identified as coming from a private collection. Online Permit Applications
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