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110 East 59th Street, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10022


Drizly began in 2011, and gives alcohol shoppers a digital way to order beer, wine or liquor from liquor store located near them. It first started in Boston and its now also approved in New York City. Its a free app on iPads and iPhones. Just download it and start to use it.

It takes orders on its app and sends the order to a store that it partners with. The store bills the customer and processes the transaction. Drizly does not require a liquor license and that is why it cannot take a cut of the money from the order. The New York State Liquor Authority Approved them to operate in New York without a license. Drizly charges the stores a monthly fee to use the software as well as its iPads and iPhones.

Drizly acknowledges that there are many fake IDs and they provide the technology and tips to delivery drivers to help them in determining whether an ID is real or fake. Drizly is continuing to look for better ways to improve upon their technology in screening underage drinkers in advance.

The best part of Drizly is that the users just check the app for what they want and the app will pick the store that has what they want and deliver it.

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