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·         Applicants for new beer and wine licenses in NYC will be eligible to apply for a temporary retail permit when their permanent license application is pending. The temporary permit, which is typically issued 30-60 days after filing, will allow the applicant to sell beer and wine while their permanent license application is pending, currently taking 5-6 months.  ·         The same applies for applicants for new full liquor licenses… Read More »


Q: Should I file an alteration if I plan to use an expanded area permitted under this Guidance on more than a temporary basis? A: Yes, you should file an alteration.  You may still use that area in accordance with this guideline while the alteration application is pending by sending a diagram of the expanded… Read More »

Q & A Regarding Outdoor Dining

OUTDOOR SERVICE BY LICENSEES Q: I understand that food and/or drink cannot be consumed under a fixed roof, and that I can only serve in open-air areas or under an awning or other temporary structure. What constitutes a fixed roof for this purpose? A: A fixed roof for these purposes is any overhead structure covering… Read More »

Effective Thursday, June 4, 2020

Pursuant to the Governor’s order, all licensees in regions that have entered phase 2 of reopening and which have on-premises service privileges under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (ABC Law) ma resume outdoor, on-premises service of alcoholic beverages and/or food.   To help preventing the spread of the coronavirus and assist businesses impacted by the current… Read More »

Definitions Of Manufacturer’s, Wholesalers and Importers

In order to make clear the many terms used by the New York State Liquor Authority when referring to manufacturers, wholesalers and importers in their Advisories, the following is a list of those terms and their explanations. BREWER means an entity, other than a FARM BREWER, licensed by the New York State Liquor Authority to… Read More »

What Is The Difference Between A Restaurant Wine License & A Tavern Wine License?

People are sometimes confused about the difference between a RESTAURANT WINE LICENSE (R/W) and a TAVERN WINE LICENSE (T/W). Both licenses fall under the category of on-premises licenses. They are licenses for premises in which alcohol is both purchased and consumed on the premises. A restaurant wine license is for a premises that sells wine and beer,… Read More »

New Year’s All Night Permit Application Deadline

Please be advised that the New York State Liquor Authority has just announced that the deadline for submitting your application for an All Night Permit New Year’s Eve (January 1, 2016) is November 16, 2015.


Lately, I have noticed some new websites on the internet that are posting misinformation about the types of liquor licenses available in New York State and the process of obtaining them. I am certain that these sites have the best of intentions and are done in the public interest. However, inaccurate information is sometimes worse… Read More »


On September 16, 2015, The Authority posted a revised Liquor Store and Wine Store application on their website to assist applicants in providing more complete and accurate information and complying with all mandatory requirements. The new application has more clear and concise instructions. Some of the changes to the application include: a revision to the… Read More »


Over the past several years the New York State Liquor Authority has been receiving inquiries regarding the sale of beer and cider for off-premises consumption in growlers. A growler is a glass, ceramic or stainless steel jug used to transport draft beer in the United States and Canada. They are commonly sold at breweries and… Read More »

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