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New Year’s All Night Permit Application Deadline

Please be advised that the New York State Liquor Authority has just announced that the deadline for submitting your application for an All Night Permit New Year’s Eve (January 1, 2016) is November 16, 2015. The Authority looks at several factors in determining whether to issue the permit to a location. The Authority considers whether the application was timely filed, the licensee’s disciplinary history (whether there are charges pending and the severity of those charges), whether the licensee has adequate facilities and whether the licensee has the proper security place in place. Only one all night permit is required by the Authority per licensed establishment.

Applicants must have an active on premise license to apply for an all-night permit. An all-night permit authorizes licensee to remain open to sell alcoholic beverages between the closing hour prescribed by statute or established county hours on any week day (New Year’s Eve). This permit shall be subject to the following conditions:

Applications must be received by the Liquor Authority no later than 45 days prior to the date of the event (November 16th).

The licensees must send a notice of their intent to apply for the permit to the local police department or, if there is no local police department, to the County Sheriff’s Department. Proof that the notice was mailed must be included with the application. Proof of mailing is either (1) a copy of the notice and a certified mail receipt card or (2) the original, or a copy of the notice stamped and signed by the police department.

The permit is valid for the hours between the closing hour prescribed by statute or by the county government having jurisdiction and 8:00a.m.

The sale of any alcoholic beverage under this permit shall be subject to the same rules, restrictions and conditions as apply to the alcoholic beverages which the said permittee is permitted to sell under their license. All night permits will not be issued for a Sunday.


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