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·         Applicants for new beer and wine licenses in NYC will be eligible to apply for a temporary retail permit when their permanent license application is pending. The temporary permit, which is typically issued 30-60 days after filing, will allow the applicant to sell beer and wine while their permanent license application is pending, currently taking 5-6 months.

 ·         The same applies for applicants for new full liquor licenses in NYC that are not subject to the 500 Foot Law. i.e., such applicants may obtain a temporary retail permit that will allow them to sell liquor while their permanent license application is pending.

 ·         Applicants for new full liquor licenses in NYC that are subject to the 500 Foot Law get different treatment. Such applicants may apply for a temporary retail permit, but there are many restrictions:

 ·         Only eligible if the space was previously licensed in the past 2 years, and the prior licensee’s license was not suspended, cancelled or revoked by the SLA.

 ·         The permit will not be issued until after a 500 Foot Law Hearing is held and an Administrative Law Judge recommends approval of the permanent license application; a process that currently can take about 3 months.

 ·         The method of operation permitted by the permit will have automatic limitations, including early closing hours (the closing time for indoors shall be no later than midnight; the closing time of outdoor space shall be not later than ten o’clock p.m. Sunday through Thursday and eleven o’clock p.m. Friday and Saturday.), no outdoor music, recorded background music only indoors, and no dancing. These restrictions will be lifted once SLA issues the permanent license and replaced by whatever other restrictions were agreed to with the Community Board or imposed by the SLA Full Board.

 ·         This 3 month period to begin serving alcohol is compared to the approximate the 5-6 month process it now takes to get a liquor license prior to this legislation. 

Posted 3/1/2022

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