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That is probably the most asked question I get. Whether the question is asked on the telephone or in an e-mail. There are many different kinds of licenses and many factors that cause a price to vary. I usually need some basic information from the person so that I can give them a reasonably close figure to what the license and attorney fees will total. I always tell the person that I cannot give them an exact figure until I have all of the information and that usually happens when he or she comes to my office with their documents.

The information I need to give an estimate includes but is not limited to- what type of license do they need, where do they want to open, how many people are involved (Lenders, Partners, or Donors. Etc.,), are they purchasing an existing licensed premises or an existing business that does not have a liquor license, are they leasing an empty space and how quickly do they need the license.

Once they give me the information, I can give the person the cost of the license and an estimate of the attorney fees and disbursements. It is very difficult to give an estimate without this information because of the variety of licenses and circumstances that occur in a licensing situation. I must remind the person that this is only an estimate of the cost and fees based on what the person is telling me.

If the information remains essentially the same when the client later retains my services, then the fees and costs will be approximately the same as the estimate that I quoted on the telephone or in the e-mail. However, sometimes after estimating a fee regarding a licensing matter over the telephone or e-mail, a potential client has come to my office and the information that was given to me changed significantly. Understandably, the fees and the costs have to be adjusted accordingly.

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