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When applying for a New York State Liquor License, it is very important to know the class of license you will be applying for.  It may sound simple, but it can be confusing.  Each license class has specific criteria for that license.  It becomes apparent when you compare these two licenses. A Restaurant Wine License (also known as an R/W) is an on-premises license that allows the licensee to serve wine and beer in the licensed premises (usually with beer to go).  But so to does a Tavern Wine License which is also an on-premises license that allows a Licensee to serve wine and beer in the licensed premises (also usually with beer to go).  There is a slight difference in the fees for each of these licenses, but a big difference in the ratio of food for sale to wine and beer consumption.  A Restaurant Wine License has a full menu of food and the consumption of wine and beer is not the primary source of income.  Whereas a Tavern Wine license has a small menu and the consumption of the wine and beer is the primary source of income.

Without knowing the correct class of the license you will be applying for can lead to a denial of your application.  If you apply for a R/W License instead of a Tavern Wine License when your menu is minimal such as sandwiches and salads, which according to the New York State Liquor Authority, will not meet the food requirements that are needed to operate as a restaurant, there is a good possibility that you will have to reapply as a Tavern Wine License.

Having to reapply and start over again can be time consuming and very costly.  I can assist you with all aspects of filing your liquor license application.

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