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If a licensed business is closed for less than two weeks, no action is required in order for the premises to remain in good standing (bona fide).

If a licensed business temporarily closes or otherwise ceases licensed activities for more than two weeks, the license certificate must be placed in SAFEKEEPING.

If the licensed business is permanently closing or otherwise permanently ceasing licensed activities, the license certificate must be SURRENDERED.


If you plan to temporarily close your business for more than two weeks, you must turn over your license certificate to the SLA along with written directions asking that the license be kept in safekeeping.  When you are ready to resume business you must request the license certificate from the SLA.   The SLA may ask you for proof that your business is ready to resume operations.

Your license certificate cannot remain in safekeeping for more that six months unless you show good cause (e.g. significant repairs due to fire or natural disaster, litigation with your landlord)  why safekeeping should be continued and the SLA approves of the extension.

If the license expires while in safekeeping you are responsible to renew it on time.

Licenses for additional bars do not have to be placed into safekeeping if they are temporarily closed or out of service.  The license has to be surrendered only if the bar will be shut permanently.

If you operate a seasonal business, you can place your license safekeeping while you are closed or you can obtain a seasonal license.


If you are permanently closing your business or selling it to someone else, you must surrender your license to the SLA.  You must complete the petition for surrender found on the reverse side of the license certificate or complete the separate Petition for Surrender Form found on the SLA website.

The SLA must approve the surrender of your license.  It cannot do so if there is a disciplinary proceeding pending against you until the proceeding is resolved.

You are eligible for a refund which is pro-rated based on the number of full months remaining on the license.  The refund is issued in the name of the licensee only.

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